Is Water Necessary In A Smoker

Is Water Necessary In A Smoker?

There are so many cooking rules when it comes to using a smoker. A smoker is a fantastic way to give your meat that signature smoky flavoring that is often irresistible. But when food is smoked for long periods of time when uncovered, it can dry out fairly quickly and often become tough and chewy on the outside. Some people …

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Can You Also Grill With A Smoker

Can You Also Grill With A Smoker?

Our idea of the best BBQ doesn’t just involve some great meats but the classical smoker. Opinions are usually divided as to what type of smoker is better, and which one makes the meat taste better. Some smokers come with all the bells and whistles, and it can be confusing what exactly you can do with them. We know that …

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Is Wagyu Beef Healthy

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy?

The name ‘Wagyu’ derives from the word “Wa” which means ‘Japanese’ and “Gyu” which means ‘cow’. The correct pronunciation is “wagyoo”. However, despite its simplistic pronunciation, the meat itself is far from simple. Wagyu cows are specifically bred for the production of Wagyu beef as they are predisposed to containing marble fat within their muscles. The resulting pink and white …

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Can Charcoal Go Bad Feature

Can Charcoal Go Bad?

It is summer. The sun is beating overhead, and the cicadas are buzzing, as the air grows thick with humidity. During this time of year, it is better to try to avoid the sun during the day and wait for the evening when it is cooler, if only ever so slightly. Most people would think that the reason for waiting …

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