Best Food To Smoke On A Smoker

What Foods Can Be Smoked In A Smoker?

Sometimes the hardest thing when using a smoker is to choose what you’d like to smoke first. With so many different foods to choose from, it can be a tough task to make your mind up on the thing you want to smoke first. 

That’s what we’re here for! We’ve made a list of the best foods for you to smoke on a smoker and what they would go nicely with. You’ll make all of your friends jealous!

What Foods Can Be Smoked In A Smoker?

First of all, it’s important to start by recognizing the different types of foods that you can smoke. A lot of the foods that you would put on a smoker can be found in local grocery stores and supermarkets, which is great for when you want to try something new. With regards to what works best, the list is endless with different food.

The standard types of foods that people tend to smoke are anything from vegetables to thick meats that can fill a whole plate. 

Unlike with a barbecue, you don’t just taste the heat from the appliance, you can taste the smoke and the effort and care that you’ve put into your meal. Some meats are better suited towards smokers than others and can leave you salivating at the mouth.

Best Food To Smoke On A Smoker


Meats like bacon can always be a favorite for people hoping to use their smoker to notice a taste difference. When shopping for bacon at the grocery store you can usually choose between cured and uncured bacon, which can make a huge difference when smoking your food. 

Cured bacon usually contains added preservatives whereas uncured bacon typically uses more natural ingredients like celery powder to add flavor. Smoked bacon can be great meat to try on the smoker, whether you use it on your pancakes with some maple syrup or whether you use it to top off a juicy burger.

Also falling under the pork bracket is ham. A smoked ham can be incredible when it comes to experiencing different flowers. Combining a drool-worthy smoked ham with some baked potatoes and some fresh fruit like pineapple can cause the flavors to explode in your mouth all at once. On top of this, you can also use the leftovers to make a mean ham sandwich with some fresh cheese.

Another option for smoking pork is to make the most out of ribs. These can be incredible when smoked and, if done properly, can fall apart on the plate with tenderness. Accompanied with BBQ sauce and some smoked fries, ribs hit the spot quite like no other pork dish.


Much like with ham, smokers are great for pieces of meat like a brisket of beef. By using a smoker to prepare your beef brisket you can experience the high levels of oleic acid from the food, producing high levels of HDLs.

These are the better kind of cholesterol that your body needs to survive. If you’re using a 10-pound brisket of beef then you should expect to smoke the meat for around 10 hours with the fat side up. This ensures that the juices drip through the meat to keep it full of flavor.

On top of this, you’ll also find that smoking a juicy steak can have lots of benefits. For example, you can enjoy your cut without having to add all of the extra features on top. This way you can eat your steak as it comes, with all of its natural flavors and juices. 

Steak of course works amazingly well with fries and fresh vegetables, along with peppercorn sauce or garlic butter. As well as these, you can also cut your steak up and make yourself your own slice of Philadelphia with a dripping cheesesteak.

Another form of steak that can be made by a smoker is a beef stew. By smoking the steak whole and then slicing it into small chunks, you can throw the meat into a slow-cooked stew with vegetables to enjoy something different. This goes great with buttered bread and potatoes to add an extra layer of depth to your meal.

Smoked Vegetables

When it comes to adding fresh vegetables to a meal, smoking them can be a great way to ensure the natural flavors and juices are enjoyed by all. A lot of fresh vegetables can be eaten raw, like carrots, peppers, and corn. 

However, a lot of people don’t think about smoking them. By smoking them you can give yourself more options when accompanying these meats.

On top of this, smoking vegetables can be a great way for vegetarians and vegans to get in on the action without having to worry about going against their morals and dietary choices. With some fresh butter or a dairy-free product melted on top, you can enjoy these vegetables with an extra something to expand your palate.

Fish And Other Seafood

Smoking seafood can be a great experience for those who are looking for a different approach to enjoying a meal. Fish like mackerel, salmon, and tuna are perfect for smoking and can often be accompanied by potatoes and fresh vegetables to provide a healthy meal full of oils and juices. 

Tuna especially is a great one to smoke because a tuna steak can be eaten as it is or you can cut it up and enjoy it in a sandwich or sub.

Smoked prawns and shrimp are always a good way to create something extra to combine with a steak. By smoking these shellfish you give yourself the option of having a full-on surf ‘n’ turf meal for dinner, combining the best of the ocean with top-quality beef. Smoking lobster is always a great option and almost goes without saying about the flavors that accompany the shellfish.

Final Thoughts

When smoking certain foods, it’s important to make sure that they’re smoked thoroughly and evenly cooked. This helps to avoid making yourself ill and ensures that you can enjoy the food without stress. Smoking any food can bring out and enhance particular flavors and juices that you wouldn’t experience with simply heating them in the oven or the microwave. 

The combinations are endless and you can lift the tenderness and texture of meats and seafood to fit your palette. So what are you waiting for? Head to your local store and pick up some ingredients now!


Annie Plummer
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