The Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills in 2021

Best Stainless Steel Gas GrillGas grills provide convenience, dependability, speed, and features unlike any other kind of grill. With a large cooking space to fit dozens of burgers and instant electronic ignition, the barbeque will never have to end when you are using a stainless steel gas grill. It has been determined that stainless steel is the best, overall construction material for grills. Stainless steel provides durability, great heat retention, and protection against rust and harsh weather conditions to keep your grill looking great for years to come.

So, in this article, we will be exploring several different types of stainless steel gas grills, in a variety of price ranges, to help you find the best stainless steel grill for your next barbecue and a hundred more barbecues to come.

Stainless steel grills are made to last, and with our help, you will be able to easily find the grill that is the perfect fit for you and your grilling needs.

Carry on reading our stainless still grill buyers guide or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Stainless Steel Gas Grill?

Before beginning the process of purchasing a new stainless steel gas grill, it is important to know what to look for and what you desire in a grill so that you can get the best features and quality for your money.

To help you in this process, we have constructed a list of several different criteria to consider before you begin the buying process. This list will help guide you in what to look for in a stainless steel gas grill as well as how to find the one with the features and options you need to make this investment a good one.


The best stainless steel grills come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging from small, portable models, to large, industrial-sized grills that can be permanently added to an outdoor kitchen. Before beginning the grill buying process, it is important to determine which grill size works best for you.

Most grills are measured by the square inches of total cooking space that they provide. So, if you are looking for a grill to meet the needs of the occasional backyard barbecue or family dinner, any grill at or above 300 square inches should suffice.

If you are planning on grilling large amounts of food at the same time and need a grill with the capacity to hold several dozen burgers and other meats, a larger model of about 700 square inches would be best.

Once you have decided on an ideal size for your new gas grill, the searching process can become even easier and more narrowed down. In this article, we will be providing grill recommendations of all sizes, so there is sure to be one that will fit your grill size needs.

Fuel Type

Gas grills generally come in two main fuel types which include natural gas and liquid propane. If you have an outdoor kitchen space with the ability to connect to your home’s natural gas line, a natural gas-fueled grill would be a great fit for you. It will provide you with the convenience and cost-saving of natural gas, however, this will mean that your grill will become a permanent fixture. It will be very difficult to move if needed.

A liquid propane gas grill is fueled by propane tanks that can be purchased at most gas stations or hardware stores. These propane tanks are mounted to a gas line on the bottom of the grill. Using a propane tank can provide great flexibility for the grill user to transport their grill when needed, however, prior planning will need to be done so that you do not run out of propane in the middle of a barbeque. Always make sure to have some backup propane on hand to avoid those unexpected gas shortages.


Stainless steel gas grills come equipped with a wide variety of different features and add-ons to enhance your overall grilling experience. Some offer a side burner to cook side dishes and other items while some gas grills offer several different fuel types in addition to gas including charcoal or wood making it have smoker capabilities as well.

It is important to consider which features or add-ons are important to you before purchasing your new gas grill. Each additional feature will affect the overall cost of your grill, so be sure to purchase a grill that only includes the features you are sure to use so that none of your hard-earned money is wasted in this buying process.

We will be reviewing several grills with a variety of different features to help you determine which features may be of importance to you and your grilling experience.

Number of Burners

The number of burners your grill has often correlated with the overall size of the grill itself. However, this factor is an important one to consider, because the number of burners your grill includes will directly affect how the grill cooks your food.

Grills with not enough burners for their size will result in significantly longer cooking times, while grills with too many burners for their size are prone to overheating and scorching food. We will be exploring several different sizes and types of grills to help you find the one that works best for you.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills

To construct this list of the best stainless steel gas grills, we have thoroughly researched and evaluated a wide variety of different types and brands of gas grills. After applying each of our criteria listed above and considering customer reviews, we have narrowed down our search to the following list which has a grill for everyone regardless of your budget or grill size needs.

#1: Monument Grills 4 Gas Grill (Best Value – All-Purpose)

The Monument 41847 has everything the barbecue enthusiast needs to create the ultimate backyard barbecue experience. Besides all of the key features, it includes some pretty awesome deluxe features as well. And the best part is, this grill is very reasonably priced!

The Monument is a propane gas grill, however, it is convertible to a natural gas grill with the natural gas converter kit that is sold separately. With 513 square inches of primary cooking space and 723 square inches of total cooking area, you can easily grill for a large party in no time.

This gas grill comes equipped with one side burner located on the side table of the unit. This allows you to saute, boil, or simmer any other food or side dishes you with to prepare alongside your main course.

The porcelain-coated, cast iron cooking grates of this grill provide excellent grill marks as well as better heat retention overall. The Monument comes with an electronic ignition system which makes lighting a breeze. With just the push of a button, your grill will be fired up and ready to go.

A unique feature found on this grill is its stainless steel lid which also comes with a built-in viewing window. This is a very rare feature to find in a grill. Having a window provides the user with an excellent view of their meat without the need to lift the lid and release heat and flavor.

The LED knob lights not only create an inviting atmosphere but also make the entire cooking process easier and safer during nighttime barbecuing, and a large storage cabinet underneath the grill can be used to store extra grill accessories, tools, and the propane tank which gives the entire grill a very sleek and elegant look. And all of this is for a fraction of the cost of some of the other grills mentioned below. However, it is important to note that this grill does not come with a warming rack or smartphone compatibility. So if these are important factors for you, we suggest to you continue in your search and take a look at some of our other choices listed below.

#2: Weber Genesis II Natural Gas Grill with Sear Burner & Side Burner (Best Overall)

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art stainless steel grill that is expertly designed by the world’s leading grill manufacturer, the Weber Genesis grill is the perfect fit for you. With 669 square inches of total cooking space, you are sure to be the barbeque king of your neighborhood with this grill as your partner.

This Weber grill comes equipped with all of the bells and whistles you could ever dream of in a grill, however, this means that it does have a hefty price tag. So, if you have the budget to accommodate this grill, we highly recommend you continue reading and take a look at the great features this grill has to offer.

First, the Weber Genesis II is constructed of high-quality stainless steel throughout the entire body and inside of the grill itself which provides excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. The Genesis is also a very durable grill, meaning that it is made to last and stand strong against harsh weather conditions.

The Weber Genesis includes large, stainless steel cooking grates that make up the primary cooking space of the grill itself. It also comes equipped with a stainless steel warming rack, which is used to keep food warm, as well as toast buns and other side dishes. The great thing about this grill’s warming rack is that it has the option of being removed, which can be a helpful thing when cooking a large quantity of meat.

A couple of unique features this gas grill has included a built-in searing station and a side burner. The searing station consists of a special, sear burner that brings instant and intense heat to your meat for a very short period of time. This is completely adjustable and works to create those coveted grill marks just like your favorite steakhouse provides.

The side burner that comes with this grill is a great option for those seeking the convenience of cooking their entire meal all in one place. With the side burner, you can easily prepare and keep an eye on your side dishes while never having to leave your meat unattended. The great thing about this side burner is that it is sunk into the side table of the grill and comes with a cover. This means that, when the burner is not in use, the area can easily be converted into a flat side table to hold plates or other grilling tools.

In addition to these reasons for choosing this grill, we have a few unique reasons that we want to highlight below.

Reason #1 – iGrill 3 App

The Weber Genesis comes equipped with a specially designed app that connects your grill to your smartphone. This allows you to monitor and control the temperature of your grill all with your phone. The grill also comes with a temperature probe so that the temperature and progression of your food can be monitored throughout the entire grilling process.

Reason #2 – GS4 High-Performance Grilling System

This stainless grill comes with Weber’s unique high-performance grilling system which includes four main factors, the first one being Weber’s trademarked Infinity Ignition system. This ensures and even guarantees the user that their grill will ignite on the first attempt every time.

The second part of this grilling system has to do with the burners. Weber’s stainless steel burners provide the ultimate level of heat distribution to enhance the entire grilling experience.

The Genesis also includes Weber’s trademarked designed Flavorizor bars which give users the option of added a smoky flavor while grilling food.

And last, but certainly not least, the Weber Genesis comes equipped with Weber’s very own, state-of-the-art grease management system which protects users and their food from unexpected flareups. The system works to quickly funnel grease and other food residues into the removable grease pan which is made to provide easy cleaning.

Reason #3 – Storage Options

This grill comes with great organizational options and storage capabilities which keeps the entire unit looking sleek, clean, and uncluttered. First, the entire undercarriage of the grill is a storage area with a double door cabinet on the bottom to store grilling tools and other necessities.

If you choose to go with the liquid propane gas grill option, this area also includes a place for propane tank storage, keeping the tank hidden but within easy access.

On the side of the grill, you will also find several tool hooks to hang tools such as a grill brush, grill tongs, and other grill accessories and tools making the entire grilling process even more convenient for the user.

#3: Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 Propane Grill with Infrared Rear and Side Burners (Best Luxury Grill)

If you are ready to have the ultimate outdoor grilling experience and want to spare no expense on the grill of your dreams, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 grill may just be what you need to step up your barbecue game in a major way.

This Napoleon grill has it all and then some! Napoleon has left nothing out of this grill. It is the entire package, and we will tell you why, but first, let’s get to the specs so you know exactly what you’d be getting if you were to choose this grill.

With 900 square inches of total cooking space, you could almost grill enough food for an army with this grill. The Prestige Pro is unique in that it is heated using infrared technology which creates an even and high heat at an unbelievable speed. This grill is capable of heating up to 1800 degrees in just 30 seconds!

The Prestige Pro features six stainless steel burners which can be ignited by the simple push of a button. The burners are also protected against burnout because of the backup lighting system this grill includes. If one burner were to go out unexpectedly, the other burners automatically relight that burner using small, cross-burners that connect between all six of the burners.

Near the back of the grill, you will find a rotisserie burner that can be used to cook food to perfection on the stainless steel rotisserie spit. This grill also includes a Sizzle Zone side burner with one stainless steel cooking grate to achieve the caramelized perfection of your meat right before serving.

Now let’s get to the luxury features of the Prestige Pro 500. This grill is truly over the top in both style, prestige (hence its name), and deluxe features.

First, unlike the traditional stainless steel cooking grates of other grills, the Prestige Pro’s cooking grates are designed with Napoleon’s Iconic Wave technology which provides extra heat transferability as well as food stability. The wavy configuration of the grill grates prevents smaller foods from falling into the burners.

This gas grill also includes several useful amenities that are built into the grill itself which allows you to virtually cook and prepare your entire meal from the grill. Complete with a condiment holder, cutting board, ice bucket, and amazing storage space, everything you need to make an epically delicious meal is located right in your grill.

For nighttime and evening grilling, the knobs of this grill turn into night lights with changing color and brightness levels. The grill itself even senses your presence by projecting its logo onto the ground in front of it, creating a welcoming ambiance for the ultimate grilling experience.

#4: Char-Broil Performance Series 2 Gas Grill (Best Low Cost)

The Char-Broil Performance Series 2 gas grill is a great grill for any family looking to grill up a few burgers or steaks every once in a while. Because this grill is significantly smaller than our other top choices, it has a smaller price tag. However, it receives our vote for best budget-friendly choice for a variety of reasons.

If you are looking for a grill that will be the perfect fit for small family cookouts and the occasional steak or two, the Char-Broil Performance Series 2 is perfect for you. This Char-Broil grill contains everything a master griller needs but at a fraction of the cost of some of the larger grills.

Because of the compact design of this grill, it can provide excellent features without holding a price tag that breaks the bank. So, let’s learn more about this small, yet mighty, gas grill.

With 300 square inches of cooking space and being a two-burner grill, it is definitely considered on the small side for gas grills. However, for the right person, this grill would make a perfect fit.

Porcelain-coated, cast-iron cooking grates, and a warming rack provide high-quality heat distribution for the meat, and the electronic ignition system provides ease and safety during the lighting process.

With a lid-mounted temperature gauge, you can closely monitor the temperature of your grill without having to lift the lid and waste heat and flavor. The porcelain-coated, removable grease tray also makes clean-up a breeze as grease and food residue slips right off the non-stick coating.

This grill is also considered to be a portable grill. With locking wheels on all four legs of the grill, you can easily roll the grill to different locations as needed.

#5: Weber Summit S-470 Propane Gas Grill With Rotisserie, Sear Burner & Side Burner (Best with Smoking Capabilities)

The Weber Summit S-470 is a stainless steel grill for the user who wants a little bit of everything out of their gas grill. The Summit combines the best features of gas grills to create a grill that can saute, sear, smoke, and rotisserie all under one stainless steel lid. Most gas grill models are not this versatile.

The Weber Summit takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level with 580 square inches of total cooking space, 4 stainless steel burners that provide versatile heating options of the entire grill or specific portions, and a top-of-the-line side burner. You can prepare the ultimate barbecue all in one place.

The Weber Summit provides smoking capabilities as it allows you to place flavored wood into its stainless steel smoker box to inject a rich, smoky flavor into your meat. Its sear station burner also heats meat very quickly to achieve the signature grill marks that you desire.

Some of the interesting features that this grill offers include its light-up knobs for easy control during nighttime grilling and its LED fuel gauge. This fuel gauge applies to the liquid propane version of this grill. It digitally displays the current fuel level of your propane tank so you never have to worry about running out of fuel unexpectedly again.

Overall, the Weber Summit is an excellent grill with smoking capabilities. For those who are new to smoking meat and do not want to invest in a whole separate smoker, this grill is a great way to test the waters of meat smoking and try some new techniques with it. And of course, the Weber Summit includes Weber’s high-performance grilling system which provides a top-of-the-line grease management system, infinity ignition, Flavorizor bars, and ultimate heat distribution.

Budget Options

As we mentioned earlier, stainless gas grills come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. This means that there is a grill fit for every budget, whether it be large or small. Above we mentioned quite a few of our higher-end options, so we wanted to include a section of reasonably priced grills as well so that all potential buyers can find what they need in this one article alone.

Continue reading to find our top three “Best Budget” choices all of which are high in quality but low in price, which is exactly where you want to be.

#1: Royal Gourmet Liquid Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner and Cabinet

The best stainless steel grill doesn’t need to be super expensive. More budget-friendly options are becoming available on the market, and users are discovering that these friendlier-priced options work just as well as their more expensive counterparts.

The Royal Gourmet is a great all-purpose grill that has a little bit of everything to provide you with a great barbecue experience. With 640 square inches, the entire cooking surface provides an ample amount of space for a large amount of food. The side burner and sear station burner are excellent features that allow you to customize your grilling experience so that your meat will come out exactly the way you like it.

The lid-mounted temperature gauge will help you monitor the internal temperature of your grill, and the three stainless steel burners are sure to keep your food cooking evenly every time. The electronic ignition system also takes the guesswork out of lighting your grill, making it an easy, single-button press.

#2: Dyna-Glo 3 Gas Grill with Cabinet

The Dyna-Glo 3 burner stainless steel grill is an excellent and very budget-friendly option for the family barbecue enthusiast. This little grill has everything you need to make the perfect family meal, keeping both your family and your wallet happy.

With 449 square inches of total cooking space and a 139 square inch warming rack, you can grill up multiple types of meat at one time while toasting buns to golden and crispy perfection.

Porcelain-coated grates make for an easy clean-up, and a non-stick surface helps meats to cook evenly. The three stainless steel burners included in this grill provide even heating as well as faster cooking times. And with two side tables, you will have plenty of room to organize your serving plates and grill tools.

Lastly, a removable grease pan makes clean-up easy. Simply just slide the greased pan out of the holder, discard grease, and replace. The Dyna-Glo gas grill provides exactly what you need when you need it.

Verdict: Your Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills

Choosing the best stainless steel grill for you and your family is no easy feat. We hope that this article helped you narrow down your search for the perfect stainless steel grill. When you consider all of the criteria in our buyer’s guide before beginning your shopping trip, you will make the entire process even more streamlined.

Here is a summary of our findings so that you can easily refer back to the grill choice that most interests you.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Monument 41847 stainless steel grill. This grill includes four burners and a stainless steel lid with a built-in window which is a unique grill feature.

If you are looking for a luxury grill, pick the Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 which includes all of the bells and whistles to give you the ultimate grilling experience.

If you want to keep the spend under $400, pick any one of our best budget options mentioned above. All of these grills are great, high-quality choices with all that you need to provide a great barbeque.

Overall, choosing a new grill, while it may be difficult, should also be an enjoyable process. Once you have determined your budget for your new grill, stick to only looking at grills within that budget. The market is wide and there is something in it for everyone. So, take what you have learned here and find your next dream grill. It is out there waiting for you!

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