Can You Use Pellets in an Electric Smoker?

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Whether you want a more cost-effective way to fire up your electric smoker or you simply want to infuse all of your grilled foods with the deliciously authentic smokey flavor that chip pellets are able to offer – you might currently be wondering whether, or not, it’s possible to use pellets in your electric smoker.

The good news is that it is possible to use wood pellets in your electric smoker, and we’re here to show you how.

For the most part, when used correctly, pellet chips have the ability to produce an impressive amount of smoke – which makes it the perfect choice for any griller looking to achieve the perfect grilling experience.

So, if you are currently curious about why it might be a good idea to consider using pellets in your electric smoker, as well as how to use them safely – we recommend that you keep reading because this guide is going to be covering everything that you need to know!

Whenever you’re ready, let’s jump right in. 

What’s the Main Difference Between Pellet Chips and Wood Chips?

If you’re already familiar with BBQ grilling, then we’re sure that you’re already well aware of the two most common types of chips available to use: pellet chips and wood chips. If you’re the proud owner of an electric smoker, then both smoking options are a fantastic option to consider.

This is because both will be able to create that authentic smokey flavor that is unique to grilled food. 

Nonetheless, there are still a few key differences between the two that you should be aware of, especially if you are interested in trying out pellets for the first time. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Wood Chips

One of the most popular smoke options used by grillers is wood chips, which are essentially little chips of wood that are used to create smoke in a variety of different grills – including electric. 

Known to be the more affordable option between the two, wood chips are usually made from hardwood and are cut down into little chips that are typically between one and two inches. 

When used correctly, wood chips will have the ability to produce a large amount of smoke that infuses grilled food with a rich taste – although some do find that wood chips can leave a slightly strong taste that might not be suited to everyone. 

In addition to that, wood chips will typically need to be saturated in a liquid of your choice (such as wine, water, or meat stock) to help ensure that there is a generous amount of smoke produced. 

This is something to take into consideration when deciding whether to use chips or pellets, as this can be a relatively time-consuming and inconvenient step to need to carry out. 

Pellet Chips

On the other hand, we have pellet chips! Similar to wood chips, pellet chips are made from hardwood, however, the main difference is that pellet chips undergo a grounding process that is able to finely ground the pellets into sawdust, which can then be squished together to create tiny little pellets ready to be packaged and sold. 

Due to this, it means that pellets often have the ability to burn at a much higher temperature (and faster rate, too) than wood chips, although it is worth noting that pellets are usually the more expensive option between the two. 

When used correctly, pellets will be able to create thick plumes of smoke for an authentic cooking experience and flavor, while also providing you with the ability to choose between both cold and hot grilling options.

It’s also worth noting that the pressed designs of pellets allow for a more controlled burn, which means that they are a lot easier to use than wood chips are.

Top Tips For Using Pellets in an Electric Smoker

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If you are interested in using pellets to smoke your electric smoker, then there are a few things that you should always make sure you do to optimize their performance. Check them out below:

Check to See if They Need to Be Saturated 

Depending on what type of pellets you have, you might discover that you need to saturate them in a liquid prior to using them.

For this reason, you should make sure that you read the packaging to determine whether, or not, you are going to need to soak the pellets prior to use.

For Ease of Use, Consider Tinfoil

If you don’t have much experience with wood chips or pellets, consider wrapping them inside tinfoil prior to placing them in the electric cooker. Once you have done this, poke some holes in the foil, and you will find that the smoke is consistent but not overpowering.

Double-Check Your Smoker’s Warranty

Last but certainly not least, you’re going to want to make sure that you check the warranty of your smoker.

If the manufacturer states that using pellets will make the warranty void, then you should refrain from using them and instead go for an alternative option stated by your electric smoker’s manufacturer.

Wrapping Up

There we have it. Regardless of whether you’re planning to grill food on your electric grill for the very first time or you’re a seasoned griller looking to begin using pellets to heat up your grill – then rest assured that using pellet chips is an excellent option to consider. 

They will be able to produce thick plumes of smoke that will ensure that you end up with deliciously grilled, authentic barbecue food. And the best part? 

Using pellet chips is one of the most cost-effective ways to fire up a grill, which means that if you do decide to begin using pellet chips, you’ll be getting excellent value for your money and authentic BBQ food. Thank you for reading!

Annie Plummer
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