Does Propane Go Bad?

Does Propane Go Bad

If you are using or considering using propane in order to grill or smoke your food. One of the many reasons why you may be considering propane is due to it being an incredibly beneficial means of grilling your food.

It is also a far cleaner method. However, storing propane can be difficult, and you may be wondering if it can go bad?

Propane is typically known as an LPG or liquified petroleum gas. It is used commonly in cooking for a variety of reasons.

Does Propane Have An Expiry Date?

No, propane doesn’t have an expiry date as it is a gas that becomes compressed and then is stored in a liquified form. Propane has an extensive shelf life, and it is, therefore, a favored choice amongst many cooks.

Not only is it perfect for grilling food, it can also help to heat your house. Propane differs from other sources of fuel as it doesn’t have a specified expiry date which means that it is without limitations.

The crucial thing is to ensure that the propane has been stored appropriately and in the right quantity. However, the tank themselves will contain an expiry date to notify you when the tank will need to be changed.

In short, the gas is without expiry, but the container isn’t.

How Long Does Propane Burn For?

You can calculate how long your propane will burn for by equating how often you use the propane with the size of your grill.

The amount of time that you have the gas turned on for will also determine how long your propane will burn for.

Smoking usually tends to take longer than grilling and thus, you will be consuming more propane than if you were to grill your food.

When you are grilling your food in a medium-sized grill, a tank weighing approximately 20 pounds will last you for 20 hours.

If your grill is especially large, it will require more propane. An averaged sized grill should only require you to use 2 pounds of gas per family meal.

Can Propane Containers Explode?

Propane is not actually able to explode or implode. Therefore, it is the safest gas to store and cook with and this means it is also safe to keep around the house.

However, as with every form of gas, you should remain diligent and cautious in order to avoid any leakages.

The only time when a propane tank is explosive is if it experiences an expanding vapor explosion caused by boiling liquid.

This only occurs if the tank has been experiencing extreme periods of heat over a long amount of time.

When this occurs, the propane will expand within the tank and a rupture may occur due to the pressure. On the whole, unless your propane tank is continually exposed to fire, you will be safe from any implosions or explosions.

The most important thing is to make sure that your tank is not stored in an environment where the temperature can cause rupture, leakages or explosions.

Should I Store Propane Tanks Outside During Winter?

You do not want to expose your propane tank to heat. However, colder temperatures will not have an impact on any tanks that are stored in winter conditions.

You should remain cautious about damp conditions as this can encourage rust to develop on the tank. In order to prevent any rust forming, cover your tank in a plastic coat.

How To Safely Store Propane?

It is essential to ensure that your propane tank stays in a cool and dry place. You should also ensure that the tank’s temperature is low and that no rust forms.

The prime temperature is anything that is below 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever you have finished using your propane tank, you should also make sure that you shut the gas tap securely.

Storing your propane tank outside will ensure that your tank avoids overheating.

Indoor leakages can also pose a threat. Whenever you store your gas tank outside, you should ensure that it is kept in a place where the tank is rested on a flat surface and in a cool area.

Storing your propane tanks in a shed is ideal! Elevating your propane tanks slightly will also ensure that they are kept dry and remain stable.


To conclude, propane does not have an expiry date. However, the tank itself will need changing after a period of time. You should also avoid storing your propane gas indoors as overheating can cause explosions.

However, you shouldn’t be too concerned about propane tanks exploding or imploding as long as they are stored within a cool and dry environment.

You should keep them as secure as possible in order to avoid any unwanted spillages that can become hazardous and also to prevent build up of rust that can cause rupture.

Whilst propane gas itself isn’t particularly explosive, it is the surrounding tank that can pose a hazard if it isn’t stored appropriately.

If you are looking to use propane gas in order to cook, there are many benefits to stocking up on propane tanks as you will be able to use the gas appropriately over a long period of time.

The expiration period is usually quite extensive, and therefore it may be worthwhile building a shed or outdoor container that can accommodate the propane tanks appropriately, ensuring that no moisture forms.

Being haphazard when handling gas of any kind is not recommended, and you should therefore make the appropriate provisions to ensure that you are able to use propane gas to grill your food over many years without any issues.

Annie Plummer
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