Is Wagyu Beef Healthy?

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy (1)

The name ‘Wagyu’ derives from the word “Wa” which means ‘Japanese’ and “Gyu” which means ‘cow’. The correct pronunciation is “wagyoo”.

However, despite its simplistic pronunciation, the meat itself is far from simple. Wagyu cows are specifically bred for the production of Wagyu beef as they are predisposed to containing marble fat within their muscles.

The resulting pink and white marble-like structure is the hallmark of the best quality wagyu beef.

The fatty deposits contained within the muscles of wagyu cows accumulate in a specified place in correlation to the muscle fibers and this creates the highest level of meat.

Wagyu cows will live and graze for approximately three years and this allows for an appropriate amount of time for marbling within the muscles to develop distinctively and naturally.

These cows are herded in a stress-free environment in order to encourage healthy rearing. They are also never fed by force as this would induce a heightened level of stress which inherently reduces the meat quality.

They are given a continual supply of fresh, clean water and are fed on a specified diet in order to graze them to their maximum potential.

As a result of all the care that these cows are reared with, wagyu beef is renowned as being one of the finest forms of beef.

It is uniquely rare and only available to consume within notably classy restaurants.

Each authentic wagyu cut can be traced to a specific farm, and it can take three years or more for wagyu beef assessors to train in order to grade this form of meat.

These assessors are expected to be incredibly skilled in order to inspect the meat correctly and each animal will be inspected by three assessors in order to establish which cuts are the finest.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Wagyu Beef?

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy (1)

There are many health benefits of consuming wagyu beef. Wagyu beef has been proven to contain a higher level of monounsaturated fat when compared to other meats and this inherently lowers bad cholesterol whilst increasing good cholesterol within the blood.

Studies have also shown that Wagyu beef can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Because of this, these monounsaturated fats are typically known as being ‘heart-healthy’.

Science has also indicated that consuming monounsaturated fatty acids is far better for heart health when compared to eating distinctively lean meat.

In addition to the higher level of monounsaturated fats that wagyu beef contains, the saturated fat content in wagyu beef is also distinctively unique as it contains stearic acid which helps to lower the levels of bad cholesterol within your blood.

Wagyu beef also contains conjugated linoleic acid which helps to boost natural immunity whilst decreasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

The best health benefit of consuming wagyu beef is undoubtedly the monounsaturated fat content due to it reducing the level of low-density lipoproteins within the blood.

LDL cholesterol typically leads to artery blockages that deprive your vital organs of oxygen. Over a period of time, these blockages will also lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart diseases and a variety of other unpleasant diseases.

How Does Wagyu Beef Compare With Other Forms Of Meat?

As we’ve established, there are numerous health benefits of consuming wagyu beef.

Its high level of high-density lipoproteins helps to remove LDL cholesterol blockages from the body whilst providing you with a plentiful supply of stearic acids.

However, the health benefits are just one aspect of its greatness as the taste of this meat is also incredible!

The fat within wagyu meat has a low melting point which means that it does not require a long period of cooking.

This results in the juiciest of steaks. Wagyu also contains 63 times the levels of monounsaturated fats that are typically found in fish, the lowest salt content of all meat, and 20% lower cholesterol than regular beef.

The first of these stats is notably impressive and the low levels of salt contained within this meat also help to lower bad cholesterol within the blood.


To conclude, wagyu beef helps to improve your overall health by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol that is contained within the blood.

It also helps to assist calorie reduction without sacrificing the taste and flavor of your favorite meat dishes.

Therefore, the notable health benefits of consuming wagyu beef combined with the phenomenal taste, make it the best form of meat that you will consume.

All the world’s top chefs know that the texture of wagyu beef is incomparable to any other meat and this is why it is sold within high-quality restaurants.

Whilst this meat may seem incredibly expensive, the health benefits are limitless and if you are fortunate enough to be able to choose the quality of meat that you consume, then you should always opt for wagyu beef.

There is a wide range of wagyu beef-based recipes that you can experiment with, and you will never tire of the flavor of this phenomenal meat.

All wagyu cows are ethically raised due to the need to reduce stress levels within the cow itself and the cows are reared for three years.

Wagyu beef is also extensively assessed in order to see if it meets the required standards and thus, you are guaranteed to be consuming the highest standard of meat when you indulge in a wagyu steak.

The health benefits are extensive and this meat has been proven to reduce toxic cholesterol within the blood, inherently leading to a healthier lifestyle by preventing any artery blockages that can lead to strokes or heart disease.


Annie Plummer
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