Recteq RT-700 Pellet Grill Review

Recteq RT-700 Pellet GrillAre you looking for a grill smoker combo with character? How about a grill with bull horns for handles? Along with being a very attractive addition to your backyard, this grill is easy to use and puts convenience among its top purposes.

Meet the Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker

The Grill Known As “The Bull”

The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker is the flagship grill from Recteq and for good reason.

With its automatic ignition system, precise temperature selection, and the ability to use your WiFi to monitor the cook, this grill is all about convenience.

There’s an impressive computer inside that little controller box that is constantly overseeing the progress of your cook and telling you about it. You need to keep in mind that the computer does not like it when you open the lid…it gets all confused.

The pellet hopper is gigantic in pellet grill terms at 40 pounds. Very sensibly, it’s designed to take the whole bag of Recteq’s pellets in one go if you wish. Or you could mix two flavors.

I like the look of the grill, with its smiling logo, bull horn handles, and nose-ring towel holder, but it may not be to everyone’s taste. I think it would look pretty impressive in anyone’s backyard.

RT-700 Horns Insignia Nose Ring

What Is The Recteq Story?

The story of Recteq is sort of like a fairytale, but with lots of hard work. Longtime friends Ray Carnes and Ron Cundy created their own happy ending for their families when they started designing and building their idea of the ultimate barbecue grill.

They wanted to build something that would make the griller’s life easy, look great in the backyard and last for many years. Plus they wanted to provide good old-fashioned great customer service.

So they started in the garage and sold their first few units from there. After moving a couple of times from the garage, they have now settled into their forever-showroom and warehouse in Evans, Georgia.


The vast majority of this unit is constructed of high-quality stainless steel. The less paint there is, the less flaking that will occur. The lid is powder-coated to protect it from high temperatures. The ignition system in the firebox is made of durable ceramic, which was chosen because it is the most long-lasting and reliable material for this purpose.  It is rated at over 100,000 cooks.

Recteq says this grill is “built like a tank” and I would agree; there was no skimping on build quality. Look after your Bull and it will last many years.

This grill requires electricity to run such elements as the auger motor, internal fan, and control box, but the grilling or smoking is completed using the natural fuel source of hardwood pellets.

The pellets are held in the large hopper which holds a massive 40 pounds. Each pound of pellets will give you about an hour of cooking. The hopper is conveniently the same size as the Recteq bags of pellets so there will be no half bags left over. If you have trouble lifting a bag this size, you can use a scoop.

There is no need for a water pan. In fact, any extra steam will confuse the computer and prevent it from keeping a constant temperature.

RT-700 Patio Side

Other little touches aimed at making this the easiest and most enjoyable cook you’ve ever done include:

  • An interior light for evening cooks, just press the red button
  • Two meat probes ready to connect to the control box
  • 4 tool hooks on the side, although your tools need to have a hanging loop
  • A useful shelf below the barrel
  • The nose-ring that can be used as a towel holder
  • Large numbers on the results of the Smart Grilling Technology app
  • The top of the pellet hopper and the control box can be used for the storage of tools or ingredients

Temperature Control

One of the best features of this grill is that the digital temperature selection is very exact, within 5 degrees F AND the grill will hold that temperature for you, courtesy of the very motivated computer.

If you need to maintain a lower temperature for smoking, you can use the “LO” selection, or the highest temperature possible will be produced by selecting “FUL”. These results depend on the prevailing conditions; it would be harder to get a really hot temperature in the middle of winter.

There is no need for vents with the design of this grill/smoker. The heat and smoke are circulated from the firebox by an internal fan pushing air through purpose-built holes in the walls of the box. But don’t worry, you don’t need to learn about rates of airflow and all those things that a charcoal smoker needs. The powerful computer that lives in the controller box will look after this while you chat with your friends.

There is a smokestack to allow the white smoke with a tinge of blue to escape. It has a handy chimney cap to protect it from the weather.

RT-700 Chimney
You’ll be able to check the internal temperature of the food with the 2 included meat probes that plug into the controller box.

RT-700 Probe Port

Ease Of Use

The number one objective of the RT-700 Bull is convenience. You add your pellets, turn on the unit, set the temperature, and walk away. You can keep tabs on the cook via your smartphone and you can test the internal temperature of your food without opening the lid. I’d call that easy to use. And no special talent is required for this baby! Let the grill look after your smoking or roasting or whatever.

Seasoning Your RT-700

The RT-700 needs to be seasoned before you start using it. This means basically that you go through the cooking process once without any food in there.

    • Remove and wash the grates and drip pan with warm soapy water to remove any production residue and dust.
    • Lift out the heat deflector. This is the metal piece that fits over the ignition system in the center; it makes sure that the heat is distributed evenly through your cook.
    • Put a handful of wood pellets into the ignition system for priming it this first time.
    • Replace the heat deflector over the ignition system.
    • To save on cleaning later, cover the drip tray in foil, making sure you don’t fold any part of the foil over the sides. The foil must remain flat.
    • When you place the drip tray in, make sure you center it so that there is an air gap at the front and at the back.
    • Replace the grill grates.
    • Fill the hopper with pellets.
    • Turn on the RT-700 at the control box. Set the temperature to 400 degrees F.
    • Leave it for an hour. Don’t be tempted to open the lid.

RT-700 Ceramic Ignition System

The First Cook

For the first cook, choose something fatty such as chicken thighs. This will season the inside of the grill and set your unit up for better-tasting food.

Cook the chicken at 400 degrees F for 45-60 minutes until it has an internal temperature of 175 degrees F.

RT-700 Pellets Into Hopper


Can you grill on an RT-700?

You surely can! Plus just about any other cooking style that you can think of.

Is the RT-700 Bull a grill or a smoker?

Grilling and smoking are only 2 uses for this unit. It is capable of:

  • Grilling
  • Smoking
  • Roasting
  • Braising
  • Baking
  • Searing


The RT-700 gives you 702 square inches of cooking space. The cooking area is 36 inches wide and 20 inches to the back. Allowing for the air gaps, that’s a lot of cooking space. You can do 8 whole chickens, 110 chicken wings or 25 bone-in pork chops. And it’s definitely big enough to take a whole brisket. Invite the neighborhood!

RT-700 Open

This grill measures 56 x 32 x 50 inches and weighs 190 pounds. It is not designed for a small patio. Being this size you won’t want to be moving it too much, but if you do need to move it, it has a pull bar and industrial-grade wheels.


Assembly is pretty straightforward, but it’s best to have a 2-person team for your safety; it’s a big unit.
There is an owner’s manual for your reference, and this video will help:


Cleaning And Maintenance

Like most well-designed appliances, all the elements need to be working for it to function at best efficiency.

  • Clean the cooking grates after every cook. You can use a grill brush or a balled-up wad of aluminum foil to get rid of most of the residue. Then hot soapy water will finish the job. There are 2 grates which means you can put them in the dishwasher if you want to.
  • Empty the grease bucket after every cook and give it a wash. One tip suggested by Recteq is to utilize any used glass jars you have around to make the job easier. Just place the jar into the bucket where it will catch the grease. Then you can throw it away or you can empty it and wash it to reuse it. The bucket may still need cleaning if the jar didn’t catch all the grease.
  • Clean the drip tray every other cook. If you’re using aluminum foil, remove that and bin it so you’ll avoid grease fires. Then wash with hot soapy water, allow to dry and replace the foil if you’re using it.
  • When the light face needs cleaning, just lift it off; there is no need to unscrew the whole thing. It can be washed in the dishwasher or with hot soapy water.
  • Every 4 to 5 cooks (or every 2 to 3 long cooks) the ash in the firepot needs to be cleaned out. A dirty firepot causes problems. If the ash is allowed to build up, the fire rod will have a hard time igniting the pellets. Plus the air holes will be covered up, meaning you lose the flavor of your cook.
  • Every 200 pounds of pellets clean out the hopper. But you don’t need to do it manually. When you’re nearly out of pellets, turn the grill on and let it run itself empty. If you don’t clean out the hopper the wood dust will build up. It’ll fill the auger tube and will stop the pellets from entering.
  • When the unit is turned off, put on a glove, reach into the firepot, and gather the ash. Let the ash drop to the bottom of the grill barrel. This ash will provide insulation, it reduces the surface area so the grill heats up more quickly, it makes the grease easier to clean up and it catches any fly ash that may be produced.
  • Once a year, clean out the ash from the bottom of the barrel.
  • Once a year, check the smokestack for obstructions.
  • The probe (the thing that looks like an antenna) doesn’t usually need cleaning but if it does, make sure not to get it wet or use harsh chemicals. This is an electrical component with wiring at the bottom and it doesn’t take kindly to water or cleaning fluids. If it really needs to be cleaned, wipe it with a slightly damp (not wet) piece of paper towel.
    RT-700 Other Side


The warranty is a self-assured 6 years from “horn to hoof”. The only items not covered are regarding paint or rust because the factors that will affect these during the life of the grill are out of Recteq’s control. The warranty is listed at the end of the owner’s manual.

Does The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker Provide Value For Money?

This is a mid-priced grill smoker. Yes, you can get cheaper units, but the build quality and durability of this grill plus its careful design totally make it a value for money choice.

Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker Summary

What’s Nifty About The RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker?

  • Holds chosen temperature – the computer in the controller will hold the temperature you have chosen to within 5 degrees F.
  • Recteq app for WiFi monitoring – use your home WiFi to connect the Smart Grill Technology app by Recteq – you can keep an eye on the temperature, including readouts from the 2 internal meat temperature probes.
  • Large pellet hopper – you won’t need to refill the hopper too often – each pound of pellets fuels about an hour of a cook.
  • Automatic ignition and pellet feeder – no messing around with getting the firebox going, the computer will organize the feeding of the pellets and the igniting for you.
  • Plenty of room for large cuts of meat – cook whole brisket!
  • No need to open the lid during the cook – this is a set and forget grill and smoker
  • 2 Temperature probes included – the temperature probes are included, but if you have a favorite probe you like to use, you can.
  • Interior light for evening cooks – how thoughtful is that!
  • Great warranty – 6 years on everything except paint and rust is an industry competition-beater!

What’s Not So Nifty About The RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker?

  • No cover included – this is quite normal with most grills and smokers – you can buy a cover for the RT-700 separately.
  • Tool hooks are designed for tools with loops – if your tools don’t have loops to hang them, you can place them on the cover of the pellet hopper or on the controller – or you can make your own leather loops.

How Could The RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker Be Improved?

This grill is already fantastic, but my 2 suggestions would be: an ash management system and a tool rack that can take tools without loops.

Having said that…..since Recteq’s pellets in this grill produce less than 1% of ash, an ash management system would be overkill.

Who Is The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker For?

The RT-700 is for anyone who knows the importance of a constant temperature during a cook. If you like the convenience of the RT-700 and have the willpower to stop yourself from opening the lid during the cook, this may be the choice for you.

Recteq RT-700 + Pellet Bundle | Amazon
Fuel Source: Power source: Electricity
Fuel for cooking: Wood Pellets
Temperature Range (F): 200-500 plus "LO" and "FUL" selections
Cooking Surface (Square Inches): 702
Hopper Capacity (Pounds): 40
Weight (Pounds): 190
Footprint (W x D x H Inches): 56 x 32 x 50
Warranty: 6 Years
  • Holds chosen temperature
  • Recteq app for WiFi monitoring
  • Large pellet hopper, automatic pellet feeder
  • Automatic ignition
  • Plenty of room for large cuts of meat
  • No need to open lid during the cook
  • 2 Temperature probes included
  • Interior light for evening cooks
  • Great warranty
  • No cover included
  • Tool hooks are designed for tools with loops
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Optional Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker Accessories

X Home | 60-inch Grill Cover Suitable For Rec Tec RT-700 | Amazon
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Lasso Brag

RT-700 Side

Tips For Best Performance Of Your Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker

  • Pre-heat your grill before putting the food in.
  • Once the cook has started, leave the lid closed until the smoker has done its work. Any time that the lid is open, the inbuilt computer will try to compensate, and this will send the internal temperature screwy.
  • Line the drip pan with aluminum foil; don’t fold edges over the side.
  • Don’t put food up against the edge of the cooking area. Any food placed in the air gap is more prone to burning.
  • You can mix your pellet flavors by putting one type in one side of the hopper and another kind in the other side.
  • This unit gets hot: keep the kids and pets away.

How Do I Contact Recteq?

You can speak to a real person in Evans, Georgia by phoning (706) 922-0890. Or you can contact them by submitting an inquiry form.


Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that we really like the RT-700 and the way that Recteq operates. This mid-priced grill is a choice for your long-term grill, not your next grill in a long line of grills.

Should You Buy The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker?

This grill needs easy access to electricity and it’s big, it’s not for a compact patio. This smoker grill is not for someone who likes to hover over their BBQ and tinker during the cook. It’s also not for someone who dislikes modern technology, particularly those who don’t have a smartphone and aren’t intending to get one.

If this is you and you have a thing about using charcoal, may we suggest the Dyna-Glo DG01176BDC-D Vertical Charcoal Smoker?

What About Other Models Of The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker?

If the RT-700 is too big or not big enough, Recteq has you covered. These models have the same thoughtful design and durability.

SmokerSmokerHopper Capacity (Pounds)Cooking Surface (Square Inches)Weight (Pounds)Footprint
(W x D x H Inches)
Recteq RT-590 Wood Pellet Grill
(With 6 Bags Pellets)
RT-590 with pellets3059215044 x 24 x 43.5
Recteq RT-1250 Wood Pellet Grill
(With 6 Bags Pellets)
RT-1250 with pellets40125021556 x 33 x 50

How Does The Recteq RT-700 Wood Grill Smoker Stack Up Against Similarly Priced Smokers?

Smoker NameSmokerHopper Capacity (Pounds)Cooking Surface (Square Inches)Weight (Pounds)Footprint
(W x D x H Inches)

Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker2088517527 x 53 x 47

Camp Chef 36 Inch Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker with Sear Box

Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill and Smoker22123618764 x 30 x 49

Wishing you sunny smoking days!

Tom Plummer
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