What Temperature Is Sausage Done?

What Temperature is Sausage Done

Sausage can be cooked in so many ways, but there is a temperature it needs to be cooked at. Meat can be harmful if it is not cooked at the right temperature, as it needs to be cooked through and piping hot.

Buying sausages to eat is the easiest part, whether they are raw or precooked. However, cooking them is a whole other difficulty. In this article, we are going to tell you how to cook sausage, and how hot they need to be eaten at.

Why Are My Sausages Undercooked?

Sausages are pretty easy to get right, but also pretty easy to get wrong. Sausage meat is encased in a skin, which is typically made from pork intestine. This casing is quite thick and strong, but it is easy to burn.

A lot of the time, people cook sausages on a higher heat, and this means that the outside cooks quicker than the inside.

Many home cooks get this wrong when cooking sausages. The skin may end up burnt and crispy, and you may think that this means the inside is cooked.

However, when you cut it open and look at the meat, the meat may be pink and uncooked. To counteract this issue, simply cook your sausages on a lower heat, rather than a high heat.

Additionally, keep them at a stable heat, and turn the heat up at the end to get crispier skin if you desire.

Should I Cut My Sausages After Cooking?

You should usually cut your sausages after you cook them. You do not have to cut them after cooking, but it is the most normal way of cooking sausages.

You should, however, prick the sausages as you are cooking them. This will ensure that the meat is cooked evenly as you let the steam escape from the sausages.

It may be quicker to cook your sausages after you have cut them up, as there is less surface area to be cooked. This is also because the fats and the juices from the sausages escape, stopping the casing from bursting. It is the norm to cut your sausages after you cook them, because then the juices do not escape.

Should I Probe My Sausages?

If you have a meat probe or thermometer in your home, it is a good idea to probe your sausages whilst they are cooking. This will determine the temperature of them, and you can find out how much longer you need to cook them for.

A probe will give you an instant reading of how hot your sausages are, so you can keep an eye out for them.

What Temperature Is Sausage Done?

Sausages are done when the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Sausages are made from ground pork meat, and this should be higher than other cuts of pork because it is ground pork, meaning it has different parts of pork in it.

If the sausage probes a couple of degrees less than 160, it is probably OK – however, you probably need to check if it reaches this temperature before you eat it.

How To Cook Sausages

cooking sausages in a pan

Sausages are one of the easiest meat products to cook, along with bacon. There are several ways to cook sausages, and they’re all as effective as one another.

Pan Fry

Pan frying sausages is the most common method of cooking sausages. In a pan, you can control the temperature of the sausages better than some other ways of cooking them.

You can pan fry sausages really easily, and it doesn’t take too long, either. To pan fry sausages, heat up a pan over medium heat with a drizzle of oil.

You don’t need much oil, just a tablespoon. Fry the sausages, turning them occasionally until they are golden brown on all sides. It is easy to char sausages, but to prevent this, simply turn the heat down. Sausages should be fully cooked after around ten to fifteen minutes.


To cook sausages in the oven, simply preheat your oven to 350F. After twenty minutes, pop the sausages on a sheet pan. Make sure to separate the sausages, and lay them on a wire rack, ideally.

Roast the sausages for at least twenty minutes, but ideally thirty. Turn them midway through cooking, to ensure that they are browned on all sides and evenly cooked.


Grilling sausages is perfect for barbecue season, and you can do this alongside burgers and wings. On a charcoal grill, let the grill burn for twenty minutes until it starts to ash over.

Then, lift the grates with heat proof gloves, and rake the charcoal to one side. Cook your sausages with the lid off to the right, on the coal free side. They will need turning, so they brown on all sides.

On a gas grill, set the gas burners to the highest heat, and preheat the grill for twenty minutes. Turn half of the burners off and grease the grates with some vegetable oil.

Cook the sausages on the side without the gas burners, so it is indirect heat. Cook them for around six minutes per side, and until they’ve browned.

Why Should Pork Be Cooked Through?

Pork should be well cooked due to the bacteria that may be present in raw pork. It is recommended to cook all pork to 145F at a minimum, but sausages to 160F.

You should cook pork thoroughly to prevent any food poisoning bacteria from being transmitted. This temperature will kill the bacteria, and will ensure that the meat is cooked through and safe to eat.

Why Should Ground Pork Be Cooked To 160F?

It is recommended that ground pork should be cooked to at least 160F. This is because the pork is ground, and ground meat holds bacteria easier.

When meat gets ground up, bacteria can be mixed into the inside. This is different to an actual cut of meat like pork loin or shoulder, because these do not contain bacteria different to its own.

What Is Pasteurized Meat?

The pasteurization of meat entails the meat being heat treated or steamed to get rid of any bad bacteria for consumption. Pasteurization happens when you cook meat, therefore making it safe to eat.

Final Thoughts

Sausage is one of the most popular foods for barbecuing, and it can be difficult to tell when it is cooked. Sausage is made from ground meat, and the casing often cooks and chars quicker than the meat cooks. Always make sure that sausage is cooked to 160F, otherwise, it is not safe to eat.

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